Good things start inside

SunRype uses fruit, veggies, and other simple ingredients to make tasty and wholesome products that you can feel good about. We let the great taste of simple ingredients shine. No unpronounceable stuff in here.

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Squeeze some refreshing and juicy goodness into your day.

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With so much variety, it’s easy to enjoy a little brightness every day.

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Right at home in the Okanagan

Born under the beautiful British Columbia sun in 1946, we think we’ve ripened into a pretty-sweet brand over the years. Sure, a lot has changed in all that time, but so much remains the same.

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The future’s bright

SunRype makes really good things out of fruit and other simple ingredients. We always find that perfect balance of great taste and healthy goodness.


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Pure Apple Juice

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Good Bites

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100% Juice

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Fruit to Go

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60% Less Sugar

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Apple Sauce

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Fruit Plus Veggies

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