General Questions | SunRype

General Questions

Can I buy SunRype products directly from the company?

Our products are distributed through large wholesale distribution channels. We do not sell directly, nor do we offer a mail order or online purchase option. 

Where can I find SunRype coupons?

Our promotional coupons are found periodically through magazines, online/on-shelf promotions and in-store demos. Check out our coupon page for savings on SunRype products!

Where can I find your products?

Our products can be found in grocery, convenience, drug and wholesale outlets across Canada. But, not all products are available at all outlets. If you don't see one of our products on the shelf, talk to the store manager and suggest the store carry this SunRype product. You can also check the availability of any SunRype product as you browse through Our Products on this site.  

Does SunRype offer factory tours?

We do not offer tours through our manufacturing facility. For information on the history of SunRype products, you may want to visit the BC Orchard Industry Museum located at 1304 Ellis Street in Kelowna, BC.