Packaging & Storage Questions | SunRype

Packaging & Storage Questions

How long can I store an opened container of juice in the refrigerator?

SunRype products do not contain preservatives and require refrigeration after opening. To ensure the best possible taste and freshness, the juice should be consumed within a 7-10 day period.

Why does the apple sauce container have ridges and grooves? Could you not use a smooth container?

Our apple sauce container was designed to withstand the effects of a "hot-fill" process. The indentations help maintain the container structure during this process.  The smooth walled plastic packages you may be familiar with (such as peanut butter) are “cold-filled” and don’t experience the same temperature fluctuations. 

Is there BPA in your plastic containers?

Our products are safe for you and your family. The controversial chemical Bisphenol-A (BPA) is not used as either a raw material source or an additive in the production of any of our plastic containers. A plastic bottle marked with the #7 does not mean it contains BPA. The number simply helps consumers and the recycling industry in the container sorting process.

Is SunRype packaging recyclable?

SunRype packaging is recyclable where facilities are available. Keep in mind that each province may have slightly differing guidelines and we would encourage you to check with your municipality for details.

What should I do if the carton is bloated or leaking?

If the carton appears bloated or is leaking, the product should not be consumed. It’s a sign that there may have been some damage to the carton seal. This allows air to enter, which will negatively affect the quality of the product and packaging.

Can I freeze your juice containers?

We don’t recommend freezing and thawing of any SunRype juice containers. The cartons are not designed to be frozen and could leak.

Is it safe to consume out-dated products?

To ensure you enjoy optimum taste and freshness, we recommend that products be consumed before the best before date on the package.